Discovery Montessori Preschool was established in 1953 at California and it has been running over 60 years. The mission at Discovery Montessori is to provide an safe environment dedicated to the goal of personal development and excellence in education in the Montessori tradition for all children in a home-like environment. Our school is equipped with all new scientifically prepared Montessori instruments for students independent learning.

At Discovery Montessori Preschool, we follow practical American way of teaching & learning as well as Montessori Methodology. We also offer a different pedagogy for the education of the child. We have the unique 4 lab system that helps in the development of social, emotional, psychological, cognitive, physical & IT for the child's growth.

The unique 4 Lab facilities at Discovery Montessori Preschool, USA:
  • Montessori Lab
  • Sporty Todz Gym
  • Tab Lab
  • Play Arena

Franchise Opportunity!!

3000 Sq.ft or more

The minimum space required to start a Discovery Montessori Preschool is 3000 sq ft or more area. Rented or owned property can be used for the Preschool.

Investment 12 - 15 Lakhs

To start a Discovery Montessori Preschool, the total investment is 12 - 15 lakhs based on the location.

Franchise ROI 40 - 50%

The expected ROI of Discovery Montessori Preschool is very high 40 - 50%

Zero Risk Franchise with Discovery Montessori

It's easy to be a Franchisee

Admission Enquiry

Our IT team helps in lead generation for admission enquiries. We also do the listing of our preschools in different web portals.

Student Acquisition

The student acquisition team helps in increasing the number of student counts of the Preschools.


The Academic team extend supports in Montessori training, curriculum & other academic support.


The Operations team extends support in planning, management & support of the Preschools throughout the year.

Branding & Marketing

The Marketing team does marketing exclusively for the promotions and branding of the Preschool.

Human Resource

The HR team helps in recruitment of Teachers, Center Head/ Counselor and support in HR policies to the Schools.


Become a Discovery Montessori Preschool owner

  • 01
    Enquire with us

    Fill the "Enquiry Form" along with your queries.

  • 02
    Meeting & Site Visit

    Fix a meeting and understand our preschool concept and visit our model preschools.

  • 03
    Become a Partner

    Become a partner with us and start your Discovery Montessori Preschool in 60 days.


10 reasons why to choose Discovery Montessori Preschool, USA

  • USA based Curriculum & Certification
  • Practical and Montessori way of Teaching & Learning Methodology
  • International Standard Learning Environment
  • Extracurricular activity module- Art & Craft, Music, Writing etc.
  • CCTV Live Monitoring for Parents
  • Hygienice and Secured Environment
  • Specially Designed Daycare Curriculum
  • GPS Positioning of School Vans
  • Parent's Teacher Communication App
  • Food Plan by Renowned Nutritionist



Montessori Lab is a combination of scientific logic to evolve a child completely as as intelligent, conscious & spiritual citizen. It has 5 modules in its Methodology and consist of 100 plus materials which is applicable in day to day life.


Sporty Todz Gyz is a scientifically designed sports program for preschoolers based on ABC (Action, Balance & Coordination) framework. It is a periodic assessments for a child's growth based on physical development, stamina, fitness, teamwork & social skills. Fun Yoga, gymnastic and sports are part of it.


Childrens are introduced to the latest technology in the right manner under the supervision of our teachers. We endorse the education system to our childrens through "EDUTAINMENT". Designed Montessori curriculum & applications realted to maths, english, phonics, rhymes are feeded in the tab.


Play Arena stimulates healthy, physical, phsychological and social development of the child. Play and exploration trigger the secretion of BDNF (Brain Derived Neutrophic Factor) which is essential for the growth of a child's brain cell. It also helps in development of fine gross motor skills.

Facilities We Provide to You

CCTV Live Monitoring

At Discovery Montessori Preschool, we monitor every activities and movement with CCTV. we also provide live CCTV access to parents.

Air Conditioned Classrooms

All the campus of Discovery Montessori Preschools are fully airconditioned.

Hygienic & Secured

We provide a hygenic & a secured environment for your child. Every step of the child is monitored carefully.

Food Plan Renowned

Nutritionist food is a much for a growing child. At our preschool we have a food plan prepared by expert Nutritionist according to the age.

Transport Facilities

We also provide transport facilities at our preschool. In every transport, we have attached a GPS system to track the vehicle for safety & security.

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